Monday, 22 April 2013

Random Animation Videos and Demo Reel! 2nd Semester Stuff

This is my Demo Reel demonstrating just a small portion of the work we had to do at Sheridan!

Simple walk cycle of an original character (the werewolf) and Pink Panther. My character does not have the best design and is very generic, but it helped me learn walking mechanics, as well as accomplishes the purpose of this animation assignment.

This is an assignment I did for animation class. It is a simple animal walk cycle on repeat. The animal is a lynx, they are known to look a little awkward due to the flat face and very long legs, then complimented by large feet (acting as snow shoes in their natural habitat).

This is a short animation based on an original character acting out a small gag or action. There are about 30 drawings.

This is one of the final animation assignment in first year. The goal was to depict a Flour Sack performing 2 jumps and paying close attention to the squash and stretch animation principles upon jumping and landing. Then the assignment also required the use of an item to portray character personality (in my case, a hardened black belt martial artist who picks up a Bō staff). I wanted to create something that used all the animation principles I have learned in first year. There are roughly 160 drawings, done over a course of 2 all nighters. Animation takes longer than you might think :)

This is a head rotation and lip sync done for a Sheridan Animation Year 1 assignment.

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