Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Convention stuff

These are some of the first paintings I've done, and I did them for AN. But i still need to work on the dull lighting!

Friday, 20 December 2013

Mid year post.

Leica Reel Fall 2013

My Cheapy animation LOL!
credit to footage of Forza Motorsport 5!

My little painting, its little and its done with coloured pencils...
....dont ask, didnt have time.

Some Layout stuff

Layout is fun, especially when you have such an inspirational teacher!

I would like to post more! but got alittle lazy...

heres some stuff! 

Monday, 22 April 2013

Random Animation Videos and Demo Reel! 2nd Semester Stuff

This is my Demo Reel demonstrating just a small portion of the work we had to do at Sheridan!

Simple walk cycle of an original character (the werewolf) and Pink Panther. My character does not have the best design and is very generic, but it helped me learn walking mechanics, as well as accomplishes the purpose of this animation assignment.

This is an assignment I did for animation class. It is a simple animal walk cycle on repeat. The animal is a lynx, they are known to look a little awkward due to the flat face and very long legs, then complimented by large feet (acting as snow shoes in their natural habitat).

This is a short animation based on an original character acting out a small gag or action. There are about 30 drawings.

This is one of the final animation assignment in first year. The goal was to depict a Flour Sack performing 2 jumps and paying close attention to the squash and stretch animation principles upon jumping and landing. Then the assignment also required the use of an item to portray character personality (in my case, a hardened black belt martial artist who picks up a Bō staff). I wanted to create something that used all the animation principles I have learned in first year. There are roughly 160 drawings, done over a course of 2 all nighters. Animation takes longer than you might think :)

This is a head rotation and lip sync done for a Sheridan Animation Year 1 assignment.

Summer is Here! .... and some OLLDDD paintings followed by a recent character design assignment.

This is an ollddd painting. It was done at the end of 2012. yuck. It was done with traditional media, gouache on watercolour paper, however the contrast I added with photoshop makes it look awesome! 

This is an even olderrrr... painting.  However, I like how it turned out. The assignment was to replicate a painting of our choice. I went with the under the house scene from the Studio Ghibli film, The Secret World of Arriety. Perhaps not the most powerful story, but it had amazing layouts throughout. I was always fascinated by the idea of seeing the world through miniature size, and this film gave me the same intrinsic nostalgia as the day I played Zelda Minish Cap as a 12 year old. This painting took me around 15-20 hrs.

This is the original, scanned of the Arriety book I own.

Here is the black and white study, and this took me another 8-10 hrs.

This is Crowbar, your average mechanical crow (physically mechanical and is a mechanic professionally!)
The rest is self explanatory.... except the tire swing that looks like a leaf... (-_-;) This is actually a traditional drawing, it is done with a brush pen on printer paper.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Its been a WHILE... (with more to come! )

Its been so long since I posted. Maybe its just been too much work and I wanted every free moment to be lazy. There are other works I want to post, but I dont have them at the moment. More to come soon!
: D

Animal Drawings, time for each drawing indicated 

Character Timeline - I know have bad silhouette of these chars. I keep forgetting -__- 
I may colour these later... or redesign altogether hmmm