Monday, 2 April 2012

my Sheridan animation portfolio 2012!

life drawings of Ed and Doug

Lennie the Wild West Lynx.... he looks like he might be alittle sassy ahahaha!


Storyboard! Carol the Girl luckily fends of lion youngsters!

hampton styled hands... awww yeeaaaa

layouts, awesome original creativity, right? ;)

a zombie break-in. Of course influenced by the massive amounts of games I play.

Personal artworks

1) Xtra lifedrawings

2) Sustained long pose

3) heard they like feet drawings so i did them :D   and used hampton's book<3

4) Full body muscular and structural studies

5) Skull anatomy and facial features, I suck at faces so I forced myself to do this.


  1. hey i love your work! did you go over your character drawings in pencil? or on your wacom?? thanks a lot I'm trying to get in this year!

    1. hey, thanks bud. It was just the prismacolour verithin black pencil from what I remember.

  2. sweet, they look great. thanks for the tip!